What flavours should I have for my wedding cake?

Great question!

Choosing the flavours for you big day and the most important cake you will have is very intimidating!

This is one question I always get asked by my clients during our consultation, ensuring that they are choosing their flavours wisely to cater for all their guest. By following this guide you will be sure to have a crowd pleaser for all!

I have made a whole host of wedding cake flavours, over on my previous blog post I mentioned that my first wedding cake I ever made was a cocktail flavoured wedding cake ,the flavours were: Mojito, Strawberry Daiquiri and Pina Colada, and they absolutely loved their combination. As the wedding cake contained alcohol and was not child friendly that opted for cupcakes that the children could eat, great choice!

I would always recommend:

  • Something classic: vanilla or chocolate everyone loves a classic simple wedding cake, I do recommend that you have the largest tier as a classic flavour.

  • Something fruity: raspberry ripple, raspberry and coconut, or adding some fruit jams of fresh fruit to your classic cakes.

  • Something chocolatey or sweet: Salted caramel was one of my most popular flavours in the year of 2018! Or a rich chocolate decedent cake to sink your teeth into is always a delight, it may also come as a crowd pleaser to your younger guest that may have more of a sweet tooth.

My most popular flavour combinations are:

Red velvet, salted caramel and raspberry ripple.

Do you do fruit cake?

Unfortunately, I do not do fruit cake due to the ethos of my business. I am passionate about making contemporary cakes inside and out. With that, my designs are contemporary and I would love to have theme translated on the taste of my cakes, and I don't feel that fruit cake is contemporary. And let's be honest not many people really like fruit cake...

So finally:

I would say that you should choose a wide variety flavours and to switch it up for both you and your guest. I love it when guest try to taste all of the flavours, like its a testing menu for them.

If you are stuck please find a link to my flavour list here!

Let me know down below what your flavour is, be sure to contact us if my flavours take your fancy and you would like to have me at your wedding be sure to contact me!