Wedding flowers, Where do I start?


To my lovely bride to be's and thank your for visiting this blog post, now if you have clicked on t this post you a probably wondered where on earth to start with you wedding flowers and I hope that this post would be of some great value for you!

4 Things to Consider When Choosing the Right Flowers for Your Wedding Bouquet

Flowers, blooms and bud so many names, so many choices where does a bride even start? Down below are 4 things to consider when you are on the hunt for your dream wedding bouquet.


There is often a misconception when choosing wedding flowers, that foliage is often cheaper than your typical blooms and flowers. Your budget is a very large determining factor of your wedding flowers. It will ultimately decide if you will be having very grand masterpiece of a bouquet or a more toned down garden styled wedding bouquet. However, one big thing to remember is that they are both beautiful and flowers are always breathtaking regardless of the scale or the extravagance of the arrangement.


Seasons are a big factor when it comes to choosing your wedding flowers, it is one thing to remember that some flowers just are not available all year round. Dahlias and Peonies are a great example, a beautiful flower that brides love and most definitely want in their bouquet. But they are not available through the year. You will not see them within the winter times and if you do they will be extremely pricy, their prime time will be during the spring time or in the beginning of the summer. Thankfully there are some blooms and foliage that will be available throughout the year. Carnations and a lot of foliage is available year round.

Skin tones:

Thankfully nature produces and plethora of colours, meaning that there are different shades and colours to match whatever skintone you are. For the deeper and darker skin toned brides I love pairing a deep burgundy and greens. For the olived skinned bride lets keep things bright, pairing bright orange ranunculus with the deepness of your skin looks just right. And for my southern eastern babes green and white especially looks great, having a simple yet striking floral arrangement compliments a more detailed wedding garment that you will be wearing for your

big day.

Your frame:

By frame I mean your height,I always recommend my taller brides to opt for the a larger wedding bouquet rather than something smaller as it does balance your frame out. In short I mean having the size of your bouquet in proportion to your height.

I do hope that you were able to find this post useful, and hopefully consider different factors that may have not crossed you mind.

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