Questions to ask before hiring your florist or cake designer for your wedding

So I take it that you have found your dream florist and cake designer of your big day! Congrats, you are now over the first hurdle, or finding them, now to see if you are the perfect fit for each other.

Once you have found your vendor, you now need to have an interview with them to see if you are both the right fit for each other. Below, I have placed a a list of question and reason as to why you should be asking them.

It is so easy to get caught up in the wedding bliss and the excitement, however the following questions are great to maintain a focus for the meeting, ensuring you walk away gaining all the info you need!

1. Can I see some of you work?

This is a key one! Have a plough through their work and their portfolio, ask them questions about the wedding and the clients behind the photos. It would be a great idea to ask how the couple and the guest enjoyed the wedding cake, and what was the bridal parties reactions to their flowers? I would suggest asking them for testimonials, this will give you official feedback from their clients which is always great. I always get my brides to leave testimonials, I really do value it and I know an element of trust is built after seeing what other people are saying!

2. Pricing

When I mentioned compatibility earlier on, pricing does definitely come into that. You would to make sure you are both on the same wave length, be bold and mention what your budget is early on, to see if you both can work with each other. After the years of being around weddings and being within the wedding industry, you get what you pay for. Please do consider the different components that go into making a wedding cake or arranging wedding flowers. The ingredients, the time, the skills and expertise. You want to be ensured that you are in safe hands, so when your flowers are delivered to you the morning of the wedding your super happy, and when you walk into your wedding reception you've got a massive smile of your face! You get what you pay for.

3. How is my cake prepared, and can I freeze the cake for keepsake?

It is always a great idea to ask how they prepare your cake, how many days in advance is my cake baked and decorated? This is key as from the point above, you get what you pay for, and you want to ensure that when you cut into your wedding cake it will be a fresh yummy cake, nothing stale as that is just yucky!

Now it is a tradition that a lot of couples hold to that they freeze the top tier of the wedding cake and eat it on their first year wedding anniversary. If your cake has previously been baked and frozen you cannot refreeze your cake. The fresher the better.

All of our cakes are prepared fresh days before the wedding, ensuring that when you sink your teeth into M+H Cake, it is as moist as it can be!

4. Renting of equipment

Renting of equipment is one that is forgotten a lot until weeks before the wedding, to avoid that panic, simply ask this at your consultation. Are you going to cut into your wedding cake, will you caterer be providing the knife? The wedding stand, are you happy for it to go on a cake board, or would you like a stand. One thing to remember is that you have to ensure that there would be a designated person assigned to returning the rented items, and in one piece.

5. Allergies

I am so passionate about allergies as I am a person who personally suffers from them, I would hate to put some one else through that!

Does anyone in your bridal party have severe allergies to flowers if so, you may want to have them hold silk flowers instead of real ones.

Is there anyone that is allergic to anything one of the cake flavours you may have been looking to order. ask your cake designer to give you a list on the ingredients they use. At M+H I fully disclose my ingredients list to my clients, when they are looking to book.

6. What shall I do with my flowers after?

Save them! My mum still has one of our bouquets from my sister's wedding, from September 2018 and it is still going strong! It is lovely keep sake, there are even great services that can preserve your wedding bouquets for you, you can even frame it! It is such a precious memory, the closest thing you will be carrying with you all day!

7. How do you work with your clients?

Make sure to ask them about their payment procedures, mood board planning, how they would go about planning your dream wedding cake or floral arrangement!

8. The legal stuff, are you insured, and local authority approved?

Are they covered?

Most wedding venues, want to make sure they have a public limited liability insurance of minimum £1 million, make sure they have that, as some venues would need to see all the documentation for you to work on their premises!

9. Delivery

How does delivery work, make sure there is parking on the premises for them. Ask them what time they can arrive at the venue or hotel? How long would it take them to set up?

10. Do you have any ideas for my wedding?

This is something that all of my brides ask me, and I love sharing my ideas with them!

Remember to trust them, once you have seen their work you know they have the skill set to make what you want!

And that's it!

Note these questions down, and make sure you ask them at your consultation!

To book M+H for you wedding, shoot us an enquiry, be sure to ask us these questions, and I am sure we will be a perfect fit!