3 Ways to Reduce Plastic at your Wedding

Reducing our consumption of plastic has bee on a lot of minds recently, and it has indeed me on mine.

As we do all things wedding here, I will be sharing with you 3 ways to reduce plastic at your wedding, I hope this will be helpful and offer some food for thought and encourage you to look a little deeply about plastic at your wedding.

1. Wedding Favours

Wedding favours can often be coated in plastic bags or packaging. By opting for a plastic free wedding favour you will definitely be reducing your single use consumption on plastic!

Why not keep all things green and offer small plants as favours? I have seen this idea and loved it, and I have myself produced these as favours before and they went down a treat. It is also a lovely reminder for you an your guest to keep from you wedding!

At M+H we do offer Cacti wedding favours and other eco-friendly wedding favours for our London Weddings, to find out about it, be sure to enquire!

2. Drinks

Now we all have our swanky metal water bottles, that keep things both hot and cold (I love mine) why not adapt that idea at a wedding?

Instead of having whole load of plastic bottles for drink at your wedding why not have a drinks dispenser? I went to a wedding once where I first saw this idea and I loved it! They had 2 drinks dispensers, one representing the bride favourite flavour drink and one representing the grooms!

This was such a great idea and this is totally customisable, however this would mean that you would have to rent glasses and ditch the plastic cups.

3. Confetti

At the National Wedding Show this year I came across the wonderful company Shropshire Petals. They are a dried flower confetti company. This is a great idea to help reduce your consumption on singe use plastic as their confetti is biodegradable!

So there you have it! My 3 ideas to reduce plastic at your wedding!

If you do have anymore ideas, please comment them down below, I would love to hear them!

Until next time,