3 Tips for Planning a Wedding Cake

Where do I even start?

Are you drowning in wedding planning?

Here are 3 quick tips on helping you plan your wedding cake

1. Confirm your colour scheme: It's always to nice link in the colour scheme your wedding with your cake. A scheme I'm loving right now is mustard and greenery!

2. Set your realistic and ideal budget: Wedding cakes are edible art, and it really is something that you get what you pay for. The cake is something that people normally linger for once your wedding is over and when it's cut you want your guest to sink into a nice chunk of cake

3. Pick your wedding cake flavours: I always recommend that my brides have:

A fruity tier: raspberry ripple or raspberry and coconut?

A decadent tier: red velvet and oreo, chocolate and hazelnut?

A classic: Vanilla bean or lemon?

My most popular flavour combination is raspberry and coconut, vanilla and red velvet! 🤤

The year is almost coming to an end, let's have your wedding cake ticked off before we start 2020! ✅

I look forward to hearing from you!