Hello, I'm Abigail


A flower and cake loving lady in London


If I am not in the world of baking and decorating cakes or playing with flowers, I am most likely still within the world of weddings, as this is something of what I am in love with!


I haven't always been making cakes, but I have been eating them for as long as I can remember! Honestly, a large majority of my childhood photos are taken with cake or my with a chocolate bar with my hands!


I haven't always been in the world of cakes and flowers. 


After I finished secondary school, I decided not to follow the traditional ‘go to university’ route. I loved making cakes and wanted to turn my love into something to share publicly with others. I wanted to create cakes that not only looked beautiful but also tasted divine. I love the beauty and the intricacy of flowers. Look closely, you will see no two flowers are the same. With cakes, you have to master the art of putting together basic ingredients to make something look and taste great. Flowers, however, already come with that beauty. There was no one else like me in this field and I wanted to start something to fill that gap.

It took one person to trust me with the wedding cake a couple years back and I fell in love with making wedding cakes and flowers shortly followed. 


We provide beautifully looking and tasting cakes adorned with flowers. We also do wedding bouquets, buttonholes and flower garlands and deliver our products all across London, Essex and Surrey. To have a look at what we do please click here.


After helping to plan and being involved in many weddings, I noticed that there is a complete lack of cultural diversity in the wedding industry, I mean where is it? Looking through countless wedding publications and bridal social media accounts there are so few brides of deeper skin tones. Our goal with M+H Cake company is to help make the wedding industry more ethnically diverse. 


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